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There are so many great ideas formulated during casual conversations with likeminded people. The idea of forming the Society of Ethiopian American Engineers and Scientists (SEAES) was started as such on April 2009 by:

1). Founder: Aklilu Woldemariam, M.S.C.E/E and

2). Co-Founder: Dr. Tigabu Kassa, PhD.

During theit conversation, these two individuals contemplated on ways in which skilled enginners and scientists can be attracted to become and remain a part of the great profession of patent examination. They both recognized the value of building a support system to mentor new examiners and to promote awareness in the Ethiopian-American community about the important service that the USPTO provides.

Their idea was presented to the director of the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity Mr. Bismarck Myrick. He provided guidance to the founders in how to manage the necessary logistics within the office in the process of developing the new society; which the founders took to heart. With such support, the founders also invited one of their coworker Mr. Adolf Berhane for discussions on advancing and promoting the effort of establishing a viable society. Mr. Berhane was honored and delightfully accepted the responsibility to reach-out to the members of the Ethiopian-American Examiners with the knowledge and inspiration gained from the two founders. The idea became a reality and SEAES was formed on December 10, 2009 with the new members electing the first board.

  The first board members were:

           1. Adolf Berhane – President
           2. Betelhem Shewareged - Vice President
           3. Yewebdar Tadesse – Secretary
           4. Sisay Yacob - Treasurer

The current board members are:

           1. Fekadeselassie Girma – President
           2. Asrat Tesfayesus - Vice President
           3. Maritt Eyassu – Secretary
           4. Teshome Hailu - Treasurer